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Head Girl’s Coach


As the youngest child born to RCA’s founder, Pastor John Massey, Jr. and principal, Joan Massey, I was essentially molded and cultivated by RCA. My dad played three sports in high school and the Navy, (baseball, basketball and football).  As I was growing up, along with his other responsibilities as a Pastor, he became a successful basketball coach and trainer. Through his training, two of my siblings received Division 1 scholarships, so you could say basketball was literally in my blood.

As a 7-year old, I would brag to the RCA basketball players and say I would be the first woman in the NBA, because the conception of a major women's basketball league had not come to fruition. I began playing on the girls’ varsity basketball team at the age of 8.

I prided myself on strong work ethics, waking up early before school to do the drills my dad allowed me to do, alongside the of Division 1-bound boys varsity and prep players. His training gave me the foundation to elevate my game at a very early age. Being exposed to my dad’s techniques and strategies gave me a very mature, cerebral approach to my game as a pure point guard.

I was able to lead my varsity team to many victories against highly competitive teams. At the tender age of 13, a Division 1 coach came to watch my 6'7 teammate from Africa and left wanting to recruit me instead. Her only reservation was that she didn't think her program was fitting enough for my talent. Instead she said she would inform U-Conn's head coach about me.

I continued to have a great high school basketball career, and I was named all tournament of prestiges AAU tournaments such as the Gym Rats. I also had the privilege of playing against many division 1 players, and some big names like Candice Parker that made it to the WNBA.

Although, I had a promising basketball future, my focus and perspective on life quickly began to transform my senior year. Me and my high school sweet heart began to shift our energies into our church youth group, the pathfinders, which we are the leaders of until this day

To make a long story short, I took a vow of abstinence when I was 12 and I kept it until my very wedding night.  My husband and I both wanted to stay pure before the Lord during our 2-year dating and engagement stage. In fact, the first time we kissed each other was at our beautiful wedding we were blessed with, at which approximately 50 of my husband’s family members from the Bahamas were in attendance.


Each year we continue to share our testimony with the students at RCA, and as a result, over 100 students from all over the world have made the same commitment!  

We were attracted to each other because of the common zeal we both have to inspire other youth to dream big and find their purpose in God. From that point we both were committed to teaming with RCA to help youth. I am now 26 years old and have given birth to two sons, Shiloh, age 6, and Judah age 2.

I am confident that with my rich basketball heritage, basketball IQ, as well as my ability to influence others, I can inspire my team not only to be great players, but great women!










The RCA Lion’s program provides student athletes an opportunity to compete on a national level in tournaments and games. Our athletes play against top competition, and they are seen by numerous college coaches. Over the years, as a result of this exposure, RCA graduates have received college scholarships to play at the next level.